I took up climbing in Okinawa Japan. I found  a great club "Yama Acha", and I have been climbing since. Here you will find some pictures of me climbing around, and soon as I can find somewhere to climb in tItaly I will add more to this page!
Free Climbing up a wall.
Hanging by your feet isn't as easy at bats make it look. Also after a while you get a really wicked head rush from the blood rushing to your head!
part bat? ok so I can hang by my toes, not like it is hard or anything!
Am I going to fall? ..... I dont think so!
Reaching for the stars!!! ok well maybe the next hold but it's almost the same thing.
Even being upside down can't stop me. to the top or bust.
Still upside down, but it is all good, I like it that way!
Now it took me a few weeks to get up the nerve to try this stunt. Showed to me by Michuharu of the Yama Acha.


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