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NAME:         Joseph
AKA:            Jojo, Sensei, Crusader, Chokumnim,Staff Sergeant
AGE:            26               Feb 20
LOCATION:   Camp Pendleton, Ca.. formerly of - Rome, Italy, Cairo Egypt,
                    Okinawa Joapan29 Palms CA, Palm Coast, Daytona Beach
JOBS:          US MARINE, Staff Sergeant
                    US Embassy Security
                    Electronics Technician
                    Computer Technician
                    Martial Arts Intructor
                    Life Guard
Me @ the Great Pyramids in Giza Egypt
Here is an example of the electronics I work on. Most electronics I deal with are in radios and computers, but a circuit card is a circuit card... all childs play
Here I am swimming in the pool I guarded for. It was nice working at the pool right next to my barracks, it made going to work simple, just walk across the street.

The Nile River, and Downtown Cario (Notice Smog)


Okinawa Japan and the South East China Sea
Now honestly, I was an adorable baby... just look how cute I am, makes you wonder what happened huh? go from this cute lil sweet innocent loving baby to a Big Bad Rough and Tough Marine Staff Sgt? makes you wonder huh?
This is my Softball team, we are Called OMC, short for Old Mens Club, I am in the Center Bottom, I play Right Center Field. Our Fans watch us for the comic relief, not the softball!


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