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Current Number of Solo Jumps: 59
On my own holding my arch wondering why the ground is moving up so fast
After jumping out of the plane, Cris and I rush towards the ground at 160MPH
Free Falling, what a rush!!! you have to try this
I wonder what we are going to have for lunch, does McDonalds have a fly thru?
It's not the same as when you wake up from a dream that you are falling in.
Woohooo!!!! This is Fun
what could top this?
Chute is about to deploy. Going to lose speed quickly!!!
Superman has nothing on me!
When is the next Jump???
And who said Man wasn't made to fly?
Ever wonder what I look like at 4000 meters rushing toward the ground? well here you go since you were thinking about it!
Moment of truth, this is where all I think about is if I packed my chute correctly??? hmmmm at this moment it isn't good to second guess yourself
Roma, Italy
Cris, A.K.A. The Jump Master
Yeah, this is the one teaching me to fall
The only Instructor that teaches students to land
"Teach your students to land, and they will land"
and everyone agrees, I have an impressive landing
Learn with the best or splat with the rest.
Tandem / AFF / FreeFly
With Cris, Brian,  Mauro, and Rik
you can't go wrong!
its a bird its a plane, its Joe in a bright orange prison suit!


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