The United States Marine Corps
SSgt Joe
I joined the Marine Corps in August of 1997, attended Parris Island, SC for Bootcamp and graduated in November of 1997.
I have been schooled and stationed in:
Paris Island, SC  
Camp Gieger, SC
MCAGCC 29 Palm, CA  
MCAS Futenma, Okinawa Japan    
MSG BN Quantico, VA  
MSG Det Cairo, Egypt
MSG Det Rome, Italy  
Camp Pendleton, CA  
Private                  - November 1997
Private First Class - January 1998
Lance Corporal      - September 1998
Corporal                - May 2000
Sergeant               - August 2001
Staff Sergeant       - July 2004
What I do in the
Antenna goes down, I am on the spot for quick ducktape action, Comm is back.
I sit waiting for the time to go. Our Maintenace van is the perfect place to live in the field. when the weather goes bad, it is nice and dry, when the weather gets hot, it has A/C. when communications go down we rush to get them back up.
I go crazy with my finger gun wiping out bad people around the world!
M16-A2 Service Rifle, the weapon of choice.
Length                   39.62in
Weight, Loaded      8.79lbs
Max Range            3534M
Effective Range      550M on a Point Target
                            800M on an Area Target
The silent stalker. I lie waiting for my next victim.
Here is a crew you don't want to meet up with in a dark alley, or in the caves of Afghanastan. LOCKED and LOADED, ready to go.